We understand the danger that comes from downloading software online. Much of what you get is not what they advertise or includes viruses and other things you don't want. Below are links to some software that we have found beneficial, safe and free.

Watch out for the toolbars!

Some of the software here and other places include free toolbars, changing your search engine, new web browsers, etc. They are often selected by default, either when you go to download or while you're going through the install process. Watch for it and be sure to remove that checkmark; you don't want it!

Random hint: if you come to a website that says you have to download a video player or something else to view their website, find another website. Unless it's something like Flash or Adobe Reader (installer links below), there are no players or viewers needed for legitimate websites that you don't already have.

One other hint: if a website with software downloads has a specialty installer (e.g. CNET), do NOT use the installer unless you have to -- look for a direct link to the software you want. That installer will sometimes have a variety of toolbars and other malware.



Web Browsers:

We are finding an increase in fake websites, pretending to be the place to download popular web browsers but install malicious software. Use the following links to get to the real website.

Internet Tools:


Want to waste some time with free (and safe) games?

Music Downloading:

We strongly discourage any illegal music downloading and peer-to-peer file sharing programs. Besides the illegal nature of the practice, the damage to your computer can be extensive. You'll know it's illegal if copyrighted songs can be downloaded for free. Legitimate music can be downloaded for a monthly or per-song fee from numerous online services.